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20 Shocking Secrets Your Dentist Won’t Tell You

While dentists are obviously very smart, well-qualified individuals, with a job to look after your teeth and dental health, they don’t always stand around for a chat about certain hidden secrets in their trade. We’ve decided to gather together a list of secrets that actually go against most of what dentists say. Some of the dental health secrets you see on here might just shock you.

From piercings and how they can damage the mouth, to procedures that are usually encouraged but often not as safe as they are made out. We’ve got all the secrets available for you to read here!

1. Root Canals Can Cause Illness

A lot of procedures often undergone in a dental practice can actually lead to quite severe problems and infections in the gums after they’re done. Dentists don’t often like to admit that they are the cause of your chronic pain and illness.

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