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7 Home Remedies to Treat Sun Poisoning Rash

Sun poisoning rash isn’t something that should be taken lightly, and if you are struggling with the pain and the uncomfortable sensation it’s giving you, then it’s good that you’ve found your way here! We’ll be explaining seven of the best ways to treat your sun poisoning rash at home.

Don’t worry too much about the name, sun “poisoning” sounds pretty aggressive after all. What it really means is a really bad sunburn that’s started to come out in more of a rash. It’s not life-threatening, but a home remedy can work wonders to getting you to feel comfortable again!

1. Cold Compress

The first, and perhaps the most well-known, way to deal with your sun poisoning rash, is to use a cold compress. With sun poisoning, you’ll often find your skin is red, patchy, and swollen to some extent, meaning that a well-applied cold compress will be able to start working to reverse the effects of the swelling and inflammation.

Soak a hand towel or facecloth in either some cold water or some cooled tea (chamomile works best) and hold it up against your face to alleviate the painful sensations caused by sun poisoning almost instantly.

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