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7 Risks of Wisdom Tooth Extraction?

7 Risks of Wisdom Tooth Extraction?For this article, let’s dive into some of the main risks involved with wisdom tooth extractions.

So you need to have your wisdom tooth extracted, we give you our sincerest condolences. This is simply just a sad reality that many people just have to deal with. Now, it’s time to discuss what that actually entails.

Though quite the routine procedure for any dentist, any medical procedure comes with a certain amount of risks which needs to be accounted for. Anything medical is rarely fun and usually involves a certain level of pain.

In this article, we’ll tackle some of the risks inherent to wisdom tooth extraction in order for you to fully prepare for them:

Why is the Wisdom Tooth Extracted?

There can only be one of two reasons why a wisdom tooth needs to be extracted: to deal with a current problem or to prevent future problems down the road.

It might be that the tooth is impacted and causing you great excruciating pain. Such pain, as many would say, can immobilize a person and keep them from doing anything until the pain is addressed.

Another possible reason is that your jaw is not large enough to accommodate the tooth as it’s coming in. This might lead it to become impacted and, thus, needs to be removed before it starts causing trouble.

Other possible reasons for a wisdom tooth extraction includes:

  • To prevent the trapping of food and germs in the crevices of your gums that the wisdom tooth has created.
  • To address infections which can lead to cysts casued by an impacted wisdom tooth.
  • To stop the tooth from growing at an awkward angle which might ruin the look of all your teeth.

7 Risks of Extraction

Any of these risks can occur when you have your wisdom tooth extracted. Know that everyone reacts differently to this procedure and there are many factors to account for. Things like diet, biology, and the reason for the extraction all play a part into how your mouth reacts to losing it’s Wisdom Tooth. The most common risks include:

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